Life's Better Together

Life Groups this Summer ...

Whole Life Worship


In the future scientists will be able to prolong life, but will it be worth living? Without purpose or joy, extended life seems a hollow victory. So how do we live life to the fullest?

A Life Worth Living, based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians, is a practical and positive guide to achieving exactly this - uncovering in us a new heart, new purpose, new attitude and a new confidence to the way we live our lives.



Monday afternoon, 1:30-3:30pm // Leader: Pam Stote 7671 7845

Wednesday evening, 7:45-9:30pm  //  Leader: Barbara Bell 7667 8303

The Way of Simplicity


Does life sometimes appear too complicated for you? What lessons can we learn from Jesus who lived in one of the world's most complex societies? In our Life Group we will look at his teaching on success and failure and living a balanced lifestyle. This will help us discover a new way of simplicity and freedom.


Thursday evening, 7:45-9:30pm // Leader: Stan Aldridge 7667 4182

Walk and Talk round Allesley Park


All are welcome to join together for a stroll round our lovely park.  We’ll chat and share life together as we take a full circuit of the Park, 1.1miles, at a reasonable pace. Everyone is welcome to join in for one or all dates.


Tuesday, 10am (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd May, 5th June)

Leader: Kay Law

Venue: Allesley Park noticeboard by the car park

The ABC’s of Emotions by Marion Meyers



This book goes through each emotion alphabetically e.g,  A for anger, B for bitterness, C for control, D for depression. It gives spiritual, biblical and lots of common sense advice and insights on how to manage our emotions, hopefully helping to improve our own lives and those of family and friends around us.

People attending this life group would need to buy a copy of the book for their own personal use during the course.


Tuesday Evening, 7:45-9:30pm // Leader: Rosemary Lavens 7667 0339

Thursday Evening, 7:45-9:30pm // Leader: Chris Dunkley 7667 2047


Craft Group


Come for a knit and a natter over tea/coffee and cake. It’s more of a social time where we talk about everything and exchange ideas. Most of the knitting, sewing etc. is done at home, as we have found we make less mistakes and can concentrate more. We’ve made cushions, matinee jackets, children’s jumpers, hats, scarves, peg bags, aprons, Christmas stockings and toys to name just a few. We sell the items we make to raise money for the church and to-date we’ve raised approx. £400.

We welcome anyone, male/female, old/young, beginners/experienced. Church goers and non-church goers, so if you have a friend who does not attend church, it does not matter, bring them along.


Weekly on Thursday afternoon, 1:30 –3.30pm

Leader: Jan Joy

Venue: Church meeting room

Prayer Life Group


We long to live out the words on our foundation stone: “this will be a house of prayer for all nations”.  Come and join us in the church meeting room as we praise God and pray for each other, the church, community and world.  Stay for ten minutes, half an hour, as long as suits you.


Thursday morning, 7am  // Leader: Stan and Sandie Aldridge, 7667 4182


Praise and Prayer - Thy Kingdom Come


Three years ago a global ecumenical movement began, calling Christians around the world for more people to come to know Jesus as Saviour.  We will join in with this by setting aside an hour on a Tuesday evening to worship God and call on him in prayer.  Come and join us – it could be life-changing!


Tuesday Evening, 8 – 9pm (7:45 refreshments) – 17th April, 1st and 15th May, 12th and 26th June, 10th July  //  Leaders: Andy March and Emma Beasley

Venue: Meeting Room, Church.