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Life Groups this Autumn ...

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A friend of mine has the motto, “Keep looking up”. Whenever hard times come and it’s tempting to lose hope, these three words remind him to stop and reflect on the wonderful reality that however things may seem, the Lord Almighty reigns, he is seated on the throne, and nothing is beyond his control or understanding.  This is a truth we need to remind ourselves of and cling to, particularly in this world full of tumult, when we find the chaos and complexity of life catches us off guard. 

Through learning together in our Life Groups we‘ll have our perspective restored and be encouraged to “keep looking up”, reminding ourselves of the God we worship – the LORD Almighty who created the heavens and earth in all their glory, who commands angel armies, but also comes close to us as shepherd, healer and friend – the God we can know. Through our time together, may we come into a closer relationship with our God. 


Monday afternoon, 1:30-3:30pm // Leader: Pam Stote 7671 7845

Tuesday evening, 7:30-9:30pm // Leader: Rosemary Lavens

Wednesday evening, 7:45-9:30pm  //  Leader: Barbara Bell 7667 8303

Thursday evening, 7:45-9:30pm  //  Leaders: Stan Aldridge 7667 4182 and Chris Dunkley

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A 7 session course that looks at some of the big theological and practical issues around leading worship in the 21st Century.  It is passionate about the power of worship to transform communities and the course is designed to equip, empower and encourage worship leaders and teams to be as effective as they can be.

It is for anyone and everyone. The course is particularly geared towards worship teams, however anyone that is passionate about worship can join in.

It is made up of half an hour welcome, 20 minutes worship time, a 25 minute video talk, 20 minute discussion and 15 minutes prayer time.



Tuesday evening, 7:30-9:30pm (11th and 25th September, 9th and 23rd October, 6th and 20th November, 4th and 18th December)

Leader: James Powell and Emma Beasley // Venue: Church meeting room

Craft Group


Come for a knit and a natter over tea/coffee and cake. It’s more of a social time where we talk about everything and exchange ideas. Most of the knitting, sewing etc. is done at home, as we have found we make less mistakes and can concentrate more. We’ve made cushions, matinee jackets, children’s jumpers, hats, scarves, peg bags, aprons, Christmas stockings and toys to name just a few. We sell the items we make to raise money for the church and to-date we’ve raised approx. £400.

We welcome anyone, male/female, old/young, beginners/experienced. Church goers and non-church goers, so if you have a friend who does not attend church, it does not matter, bring them along.


Weekly on Thursday afternoon, 1:30 –3.30pm

Leader: Jan Joy

Venue: Church meeting room

Prayer Life Group


We long to live out the words on our foundation stone: “this will be a house of prayer for all nations”.  Come and join us in the church meeting room as we praise God and pray for each other, the church, community and world.  Stay for ten minutes, half an hour, as long as suits you.


Thursday morning, 7am  // Leader: Stan and Sandie Aldridge, 7667 4182