#christmasmeans my wonder and worship ...

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago.  I tried to convey my continuing wonder at this most familiar of stories. I don't want to ever "get over" Christmas and what it means.  I hope this will inspire you and make you wonder just a little too. ... Perhaps you might be stirred to worship the baby King. Feel free to share ...


Was it badly planned? (A Christmas Poem)


Dear God and Lord almighty, creator of it all,

I have a few questions about the Christmas festival.

Each year we remember these events so long ago -

We sing and tell the story - but there's lots I still don't know.

You see, the problem is, I don't quite understand

Why it happened the way it did - was it badly planned?


Your mother was a peasant girl, so fragile and so young,

Her fiance was a hero, reluctant and unsung.

How did you know they could bear the load, that they wouldn't crack?

Why take such a massive risk - there would be no way back.

Why involve us humans - we could have made a mess

Of this great salvation plan - it could have cost you less.


You could have come in splendour more fitting for a king

- anything would have been better for the Lord of everything -

So, why choose rejection? why choose the manger?

Why those first visitors - it couldn't get much stranger

than these smelly shepherds. Could you really trust them?

They were outcasts, after all, not creme-de la creme.


Surely such a baby deserves a V.I.P.

Not riff-raff or outsiders, not people just like me.

Or was that just the point? Do we need to know

We're infinitely precious - is that what Christmas shows?

Was the Christ-child born for all? Is it really true

that Immanuel - God-with-us - is the perfect gift from you?


And can I really come to you in all my sin and shame?

Do you take me as I am, give me a brand new name?

"Beloved" now, and "chosen", "forgiven" and set free -

Accepted by the Saviour, who lived and died for me. 

I simply cannot take it in, not even a tiny part

But I thank you, God, for Christmas, from the bottom of my heart.


Andy March (c) 2011