All Your Children

I am made in your image –
Like all your children. I am fearfully and wonderfully made – But so are all your children.
A product of the master craftsman -
Along with all your children.
Of infinite worth -
Like all your children.
Unique - a once-off -
Like all your children.

There were no mistakes in your handiwork
You didn't need to go back to the drawing board
There is breathtaking beauty
- In all your children.

Help me to see your hand on me
Help me to be free to be the way you've made me
Help me to respect and cherish diversity -
No room for jealousy or superiority.
You've painted rainbow people,
Help me to bring out all the colours
Help me to love indiscriminately
Help me to bridge the gap
Help me to help them fly
Help me to honour you, to bring glory to you
in the way I love, in the way I serve
All your children.

7 March 2013

One Saturday

A headline in the paper read“Religious nut and freak is dead.”
The spokesman for the Pharisees
Explained (while looking very pleased),
“This man had caused us lots of trouble,
We had to get him on the double.

He claimed he was the Chosen One,
Almighty God, His only Son.
We Pharisees weren’t having that! – 
Even worse, he claimed he’d sat
At God’s right hand in heaven above
And will again. You know, I’d love
To see that day, but won’t of course –
For that man’s words are just a source
Of claptrap and of blasphemy,
That’s why we killed him, can’t you see?
He drew the crowds with clever tricks –
They even claimed he’d healed the sick.
The blind can see (or so they claim)
And crippled people walk again!
But that’s not all – you’ll laugh at this –
A dead man (said with emphasis)
Was brought back to life at his word –
This claim’s preposterous, quite absurd.
We all know that dead men don’t walk
About, or eat and drink and talk.
It’s clear to me they’ve all been had.
Poor, simple people fooled – how sad!
At first we’d tried to humour him
Until he got beneath our skin.
He insulted us, called us snakes,
Told us that we were on the make.
We couldn’t take it any more,
That really was the final straw.
We had him silenced, put to death,
This carpenter from Nazareth.
Let’s see him speak against us now –
As he’s dead, I can’t see how!
He could rise again and death defy.”
The spokesman spat, “And pigs might fly!”

The Passion Ballad

All eyes on a garden - a kneeling manCries out to his father, “Take this cup if you can.”
A gasp heard in heaven - angels can’t bear
Watch the scene of a broken man crying down there.

The fate of the world is now left unsure,
The plan for salvation could stutter and fall.
It hangs on a man who feels so much pain;
His burden is great, his sweat falls like rain.

Urgent discussion - is there a way out?
No sign of the Father, beginnings of doubt.
Fervently pray that the man will find strength,
Agonised moment, unspeakable length.

Until . . .

A look of decision.  All heaven awaits.
Resolution is formed, no time for debate.
“Not my will but yours,” he’ll follow the way
Ordained by the Father.  He’ll face the next day.

All happens so quickly - soldiers arrive.
Fulfil their destiny, keep our hope alive.
Man stands on trial; he’s committed no wrong.
Agony in heaven as the Father looks on.

A sprinkle of water - case is dismissed
In the hands of the Jews who betrayed with a kiss.
The sentence is passed: a criminal’s death.
Hang on a cross, no dignity left.

Each blow of nails through hands and through feet
Echoes through heaven - a desperate beat.
The Father winces as his son hangs down there
In desolate loneliness, there’s no one to care.

Dignitaries mock as the sinless one dies.
“Father, forgive,” is all he replies.
His life ebbs away, the darkness descends.
“It is finished!” he shouts.  The struggle just ends.

Leaderless people - the light has gone out.
Fail to see what the anguish was about.
They don’t understand that he had to die;
They secretly mourn, and simply ask why.

The third day dawns and it all becomes clear:
The tomb is empty, there’s nobody here.
"The Lord is alive,” the angels rejoice.
Relief in heaven, for he made the right choice.

The great gamble worked - he carried our sin,
Died on the cross so we could go in.
United to the Father through the Son.
Mission accomplished and the victory won.