St. Christopher’s Church Fellowship

St. Christopher’s Church Fellowship (originally the Churchwomen's Fellowship) was founded in 1959 by the vicar at the time, Reverend Roland Smith. It was formed to be a group for women of all faiths and beliefs, and Roland Smith chose the original committee. It now welcomes men and women alike.

The Fellowship meets once a month on a Monday, in St. Christopher’s Church Hall at 7:30pm. We have a variety of speakers and evenings of entertainment, which in the past, have covered topics such as Gardening Talks, Life in World War 2, Territorial Army, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture and Genealogy.

One of our objectives is fundraising which has gone from strength to strength. To date we have raised, over the last 10 years, in excess of £7,000 all of which has gone to deserving causes. These have included donations to Myton Hospice, Baby Lifeline, Motor Neurone Disease, Air Ambulance, and Macmillan Nurses. We also give regularly to St. Christopher’s Church.

To raise this money we have previously held various events, for example: Games Evenings, Mock Auctions, and Quiz Nights.

An example of our current programme of meetings is shown below. Why not pop along and see for yourself.

In the ethos of the Fellowship we welcome new members of all ages to come and join us. If you are interested, please contact June Millward on 024 7667 8591 or Irene Foxwell on 024 7667 3270.

The 2018 Fellowship Meetings are as follows:

June 11th - Building a Bakery in Malawi

July 9th - Summer Strawberries

August 13th - Diane Castledaine - My Life as a Nurse

September 10th - Simon Watts - Allotment Fox

October 8th - Annual Meeting  

November 12th - Howard Wallace - Interarc

December 12th - Christmas Dinner at the Elms

December 27th Carol Service