Book the hall!

Our church hall is widely used through the week by the community for kids’ parties, lunch clubs, community dances, fitness activities - and pretty much everything else.

You can hire the whole hall and a smaller room, including use of our recently refurbished kitchen, or you can hire the hall and rooms individually.

We take regular bookings and one-off bookings.

Party Booking and payment

If you’d like to book the hall, including the meeting room and kitchen for your party, then click the tab on the right hand side of the page. Select "Appointment Booking Service" tab from the top and choose the correct option depending on the date of your booking (see notes on price below). We will confirm the booking via email. 

The cost of booking the church hall is £47 for 3 hours. If you wish to book online, it costs £49 for 3 hours. This includes the small £2 processing fee. You can pay cash in advance to avoid the fee. 


The church office is usually open on Monday and Thursday 8am - 12noon.  You’re welcome to call any other time during the week, but bookings will need to be confirmed by Debbie.

As well as offering bookings for parties,  we have competitive hourly rates for community groups - for regular bookings these are negotiable.  Contact the office for more information.

A provisional booking can be made immediately, but will not be secure until we’ve received payment in full.  You can pay in person during office hours, or post payment through the vicarage letter box.  Alternatively, post your payment to Bookings - c/o St Christopher’s Church, 173 WInsford Avenue, Coventry CV5 9NJ. We can also accept payment online - contact Debbie for more information.

We will confirm your booking as soon as we can.