Life's Better Together

Why Life Groups?

At St Christopher’s Church we believe that following Jesus happens best when we’re in community in smaller groups, where people of all ages, stages and walks of life can meet new friends, have fun and grow spiritually, becoming who God’s called them to be. Part of our vision at St Christopher's Church is "Growing in God".

WALKING WITH GOD TOGETHER: We are people on a journey to be more like Jesus.

Although our Sunday worship plays an important part in this, the most effective way that all of us will grow is in groups.  Everyone should have the opportunity to be part of this journey.  We know that a number of people are unable to join groups, because they don’t feel they can make the long-term commitment, so our Life Groups each last for approximately 12 weeks (one term), which means everyone has the chance to become involved.  Everyone’s new to the group at the beginning of each term, which helps people get involved who can’t commit to a group long-term.  But don’t worry! If you want to stay in the same group you can – simply sign up to the same group at the start of the term. 

Knowing that people connect in different ways, we offer a variety of Life Groups as well as the more traditional Bible study groups.  Groups will meet weekly or fortnightly, and you’ll be able to sign up to your group throughout the first month of each term.

Brief Overview

  • Life Groups each last for approximately 12 weeks (one term)

  • Choose from a variety of different groups.

  • Stay in the same group from term to term if you wish - simply sign up to that group.

  • Sign up for each term's life groups online or at church.

  • Life Group term dates: Autumn - Mid-September - December (sign up: September) // Spring - Mid-January - April (sign up: January) // Summer - May - July (Sign up April/May)


Click here for information about this term’s Life Groups!