Our Vision

There are two parts to our mission  - what and how.


Our mission is simple – sharing God's love. This should motivate all that we do. This reflects Jesus' two greatest commandments to his followers: love God and love your neighbour. We believe we have been called to do this principally in Allesley Park and Whoberley, as well as the contexts in which individuals live and work.

Sharing God’s Love means both hospitality (and we hope you find a warm welcome among us), because God welcomes all, and a desire to reach out, because God reached out to us.  We are a church community committed to working out and living out what it means to share God's love with all those we encounter.


Worshipping God – because God deserves it; for the world He's created, for the greatest gift that has ever been given – the gift of His son Jesus, who lived and died for us, who gave us new life and new hope.

Making new disciples – because Jesus told us to share his love with those who do not yet know him. He loves to give each and every one of us new life, new hope and new purpose today and always.  We are disciples because we never stop learning or growing.

Transforming communities – because Jesus believes in life before death! Jesus changed so many lives with his love, and told us to do so as well. People need to know that his love is real, and that his love knows no limits.

This is our mission. We know we're not there yet, but we pray that by God’s grace we may get closer to fulfilling our call. At the centre of everything is the cross; we believe that Jesus died for us to give us a second chance and a fresh start. We would love you to join us, and help us make our mission possible.