Joy, sorrow and new life!



The confirmation service on Saturday 14th September was very special.  Despite the sudden death of their Vicar, John Mills the previous day, the churchwardens and congregation of St James', Styvechale were willing for the service to go ahead.  It was inevitably a poignant service, led brilliantly by the Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, who spoke movingly about John, reflecting that he would have wanted the service to go ahead; Christians were, after all, people who were able to look death in the face, because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Confirmation is a reminder of the fact that we are resurrection people, who have begun a new life in Christ.


It was a proud occasion for me - not only was I able to support an amazing 14 candidates from our church community, but I was also able to look around at a church building packed full of people from our church community who had come to support these candidates on this joyful occasion.  Please continue to pray for the newly confirmed as this is just the beginning of their journey of faith into new life.


See below for pictures and quotes from the newly confirmed ...


"Confirmation allows me for the first time to make a big decision about my faith and will make me feel a fuller member of the church" - Joshua Madden (left)

"I think being confirmed will make my relationship with God and I think I will feel a lot closer to him." - Caitlin Madden (middle)

"I want to be confirmed so I can fully dedicate myself to God" - Alice Cook (right)


"I would like to get closer to God and have a better understanding of things.  I have always believed in God for as long as I can remember and now I feel like I would like to take my faith to another level." - Rebecca Sutton


"I want to be closer to God and hope to learn more." - Paula Sutton







"Being confirmed will bring me closer to God. I hope my faith will develop and grow with the help of the Holy Spirit. I hope to continue growing in my faith and learning through reading my Bible." - Trevor Veasey


"I need to deepen and develop my faith further and feel now is the time to re-confirm myself to God and receive the help I need from the Holy Spirit. I hope to grow and develop in God's family, to learn more, pray more effectively and read my Bible regularly." - Tina Veasey



"I want to strengthen and continue my relation with God - be more confident with beliefs and spreading the word.  I hope to share the word with others and journey in faith." - Marcus Patterson (middle)




"I want to confirm my faith in Jesus. Knowing this I will always try my best to follow in his footsteps" - Laura Keep


"I feel it's the right time to join God properly and be with him.  I want to learn more about him.  There will be no confusion on whether I am with God or not." - James Nicholson


"I want to move along in my journey of faith" - Caleb Ellis


"Now is the right time to make the decision of being in God's family myself and confirming the choice that my parents made for me when I was younger. I will feel closer to God, because I have chosen to take my faith a step further." - Tegan Pike


"I think this will make my faith whole.  It's a new beginning and it'll bring me closer to God.  I hope to grow with our church, learn more, and do more with the rest of our church family." - David Hadley


"It'll be good to feel totally committed and enjoy the sense of belonging that has grown since embarking on this journey.  I hope to  grow in knowledge, study more to learn and be more active part of church life." - Anita Hart