Feasting and food for thought - Part 1 - The Big Brunch!

It's been wonderful to have the church brim full of people over the past two Sundays.  


Last Sunday (29th September) we had church with a difference as over 100 shared in brunch together.  


It was a wonderful feast put on for us by Brian Bailey and his wonderful team, who worked so hard for us.Image

After breakfast we shared in communion and then continued with our service.  We were delighted to be joined by Gavin Kibble from Coventry Foodbank, who raised our awareness of the needs of people in our area - over 18,000 meals have been given out since the Foodbank opened two years ago - and he challenged us to think about how we can join in with Jesus' mission to care for the poor.  If we want to truly follow Jesus we need to do the things Jesus did, and care for the people he cares for.


We had the opportunity to reflect on how God might be calling us to reach out to our community, particularly in Whoberley, which is the more deprived part of the parish we're called to serve.  Here are some of the thoughts, questions, reflections and prayers ...

  1. What are your strengths as a church? What gifts do you have? If those are the gifts God has put in St Christopher's, then play to your strengths.  Don't be afraid of connecting with other agencies and churches when some need arises that you couldn't deal with.
  2. Breakfast Hub - Saturday mornings
  3. God, what do you want us to do in Allesley Park and Whoberley?
  4. Help for homeless - soup kitchen, warm clothes shelter
  5. Listen more to the needs of the area - don't know what they are.
  6. Visit the people who are no longer able to come to church
  7. Work with Bethesda in Whoberley (more than one person wrote this)
  8. 3 sided gazebo in Whoberley car parks - offering coffee/biscuits/dog food/balloons for children/pencils
  9. leaflet drop about Hub in Whoberley
  10. Homework drop-in in Whoberley community centre
  11. XL mentoring (national programme) of young persons in Whoberley
  12. More publicity for foodbank and community projects
  13. Have an open house to enable people to drop in for a coffee and a chat
  14. clothes bank in Whoberley
  15. Use community centre on Wildcroft
  16. Want to get on and do it, but we don't know what!
  17. We need a contact in the Whoberley Social Housing Area (community centre?) to understand the needs of the area
  18. widows, especially the first 2 years
  19. Besom
  20. Community events held in various locations
  21. hospitals - visit people in hospital who have no family or friends to visit
  22. prayer walks in Whoberley
  23. Use city council building in Wildcroft Road for local distribution to Whoberley
  24. Give us the heart to care for those in our community who no one wants to care for
  25. If Whoberley is so needy, we should re-establish Whoberley Community Church (once a month?) - not as Messy Church.  Needs to be a regular church presence in the community.
  26. Children - toys and books for children who may not have any.
  27. more events like this
  28. Messy Church for teenagers in the community centre


Thanks to everyone for sharing these.  Let's keep on praying and seeking God.  Your comments, prayers, and further reflections would be appreciated as we seek to step out in mission here in Allesley Park and Whoberley.  Who knows, something special has begun!


The Big Brunch was a wonderful occasion, a feast in more ways than one, and we look forward to the next one!  Thanks to everyone's generosity we raised over £70 for Foodbank, which was an added bonus and blessing.