Together - we did!

On Saturday afternoon, 28 couples from St Christopher’s Church and the wider community gathered together to celebrate marriage and to reaffirm the lifelong vows made on their wedding day, and their continuing commitment

to have and to hold,

for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish,

till death us do part, according to God's holy law

vows 3

It was particularly significant for a few couples who had been married in registry offices and welcomed the opportunity to have their marriage blessed in the church.

 After the service of thanksgiving, we joined together in a reception coordinated by Jan Joy and her team of helpers, finishing the evening with a “Mr and Mrs” quiz. It was a wonderful time of celebration and fellowship.  We give thanks to God for the gift of marriage and for the gift of each other – our spouses, family and friends.

 group 1             cake 1

The event was part of the national “Big Promise” initiative coordinated by National Marriage week, when more than 1,400 couples joined together to reaffirm their wedding vows in over 70 venues across the UK.  It is anticipated that this will break the world record for the number of couples doing this simultaneously.

The national coordinator for The BIG Promise, Dave Percival said:

 “The simplicity and dignity of each BIG Promise ceremony held sends a clear message. The vows are the essential part of being married – not the fancy wedding, amazing reception, or exotic honeymoon. Marriage matters to every one of these couples, and should matter to all of us in society as the bedrock of stable family life.”

Marriage Week has attracted the support of the Prime Minister David Cameron, who said:

"I welcome National Marriage Week and am pleased to give it my support. Marriage is a declaration of commitment, responsibility and stability that helps to bind families.  The values of marriage are give and take, support and sacrifice - values that we need more of in this country.”

If you were not able to take part in the Big Promise but would still like to reaffirm your marriage vows, let Andy know. Also, as a follow up to the Big Promise, St Christopher’s will be hosting the “Marriage Course” – an opportunity to give your marriage an MOT.  Based on Christian principles (but not just for Christians), it is for married couples who wish to build strong and healthy marriages that last a lifetime. For more information, contact Andy on 7667 2879 or Jim and Bev Patrick 7669 1747.