18th October

Andy’s Update

I’m very excited about this morning’s service. It’s wonderful to welcome Bishop John here for the first time since January 2015 and to celebrate the significant steps of faith that Aimee, Amy, Anthony, Jacob, James, and Thomas have made that have led them to this point. One of the many privileges of my role is that I’ve been able to witness this growth in faith. Today we celebrate that God has sanctified them, that he has made them part of his family, that they are “his forever”. This is just the beginning of their faith journey and, as much as we celebrate with them today, we need, as their church family to commit to praying for them and support them in their ongoing walk with God.  

Weekly Prayer Guide

Growing in God

At the end of the service we are commissioned as God’s people. Take the opportunity to renew your commitment to God. What is the next step for you in your faith journey?

Loving each other

Pray for those being confirmed and making fresh declarations of faith today – Amy, Aimee, Anthony, Jacob, James and Thomas, for encouragement and protection.

Serving our community

Thank God for the fantastic work begun by the Coventry Pais team - Anna, Thanize and Rike. Pray for a good rest over the half term holiday.