10th January

Andy’s Update

We’re right at the beginning of our journey through Luke’s Gospel, examining the life of Jesus and “God’s plan for a broken world”. He’s the reason why we gather together; the only source of hope for humanity; the Saviour of the world.  Through this series we’ll see Jesus’ radical teaching, wonderful compassion and extraordinary miracles. We will see Jesus give hope to hopeless cases. I’m expectant that God will meet with us, deepen our faith and enable us to have a lifechanging encounter with our Saviour. Together we’ll discover God’s plan for a broken world, finding that we are a vital part of this plan, as his Spirit lives and breathes through us.

I’d like to encourage you to make the most of this series:

·      Prioritise coming to church each week, as we learn and grow together

·      Read Luke’s Gospel – Note down any questions.

·      Join a Life Group – after Easter, groups will focus on Luke’s Gospel.

As we journey through Luke, let’s allow Jesus to transform and fill us with the same joy that permeates the Gospel.

Prayer Guide – New Year Examen (it’s not too late!)

Looking back on this year …

What am I especially grateful for?

- An event that took place?

- Courage that I mustered?

- Love and support I received?

I ask for the light to know God and to know myself as God sees me.

Where have I felt true joy this year?

What troubled me this year?

What has challenged me?

Where and when did I find an opportunity for renewal and pause?

Have I noticed God’s presence in any of this?

In light of my review, what is my response to the God of my life?

As I look ahead, to the coming months what comes to mind?

With what spirit do I want to enter the next few months?, the next year?

I ask for God’s presence and grace, for this spirit, as I enter the next year.

Bible Verse of the Week

 Simeon took Jesus in his arms and praised God, saying: ‘Sovereign Lord, as you’ve promised, you may now dismissyour servant in peace.  For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you’ve prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.’ (Luke 2:28-32)