Easter 2019

Andy’s Update

We’re at the beginning of the most significant week in the church’s year. They may have taken place over 2,000 years ago, but the events between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, the entry of King Jesus into Jerusalem, his arrest, trial, death and resurrection, still reverberate around the world today.  If you’ve never really taken the time to make the journey with him, to understand why things happened as they did, then may I invite you to make this journey this year. Come and see; welcome Jesus the King, marvel at his sacrifice for you and me, and rejoice in the hope of his resurrection.

Easter Prayer Guide

Growing in God

Read through one of the resurrection accounts.  Pray and meditate on the way God brought transformation to those who had been broken.  Give thanks that Jesus brings new hope in the face of suffering and death, and pray for a fresh infilling of his Spirit in your life and in the life of our church.

Loving each other

Easter is a season of new hope.  Pray for someone you know who struggles to hold onto hope at this time.  Pray that Jesus would give them that hope.

Serving our community

Pray for all who are preparing and who will attend services over the Easter period.  Pray that God would move in people’s hearts and bring more people to come to faith in the life-changing news of the resurrection.