Christenings & Thanksgiving Services

Children are very precious to their parents, and they are also very precious to God.  2000 years ago Jesus was pleased to bless the children brought to him.  We would be pleased to bless your child too.  Like many churches within the Church of England, we are pleased to offer you the choice of two services for your child: a thanksgiving or a baptism (or Christening).

Thanksgiving Services

Thanksgiving is for parents who want to celebrate the birth of their child, and to ask for God’s blessing.

This can usually be arranged within one month.

Baptism (or Christening)

Baptism is for parents who want their child to join the church, and to learn about the Christian faith.  It’s also called a Christening.

During this service parents and godparents make some important promises, (including a commitment to continue bringing their child to church).

This service can usually be arranged within two months.

The choice of service is entirely up to you.  Both types of service:

  • Are led by one of our clergy;

  • Are free of charge;

  • Usually take place during our monthly all age morning service on a Sunday at 10am (which lasts around an hour).

  • Please contact the church for information on our Christening or Thanksgiving Services

Adult Baptism

Baptism can also be arranged for Adults.


Contact Andy on for more information.