Life Groups @ St. Christopher’s

At St Christopher’s Church we believe that following Jesus happens best when we’re in community. And, that community is best fostered in smaller groups, where people of all ages, stages and walks of life can become friends, have fun and grow. So, if you want to become part of the family at St. Christopher’s, joining a small group is a great way to do it.

We call small groups at St. Christopher’s ‘Life Groups’ because we want them to be about:

  • sharing life with one another;

  • finding life in its fulness (as Jesus spoke about, see John 10.10); and

  • being ‘thrust out into the life-stream of the world’ (to quote John V. Taylor in his book The Go-Between God).

Life Groups are, therefore, about welcome, nurture and reaching out to others. We aim to have three types: groups for those who want to follow a COURSE of study together, for those who want to share in an ACTIVITY together, and groups for those who just want to be COMMUNITY together.

We try to have a wide-variety of groups and refresh them each term. To find out the latest information on those that we have running, please write to us at